See Inside Spa Dew

    Combined with Eastern techniques, you will feel the difference in our massage treatments.
  2. Swedish | 50 min

    Increase circulation, ease muscle tension and induce an overall sense of relaxation. This will restore balance to your body. Indulgent and utterly relaxing.
  3. Deep Tissue | 50 min

    Soothe and detoxify tight and sore muscles and stimulate positive energy flow giving a sense of renewal. You will emerge with renewed energy and a clear mind. Ultimate muscle meltdown.
  4. Bliss Massage | 90 min

    Combination of Deep tissue and Swedish Massage.  Stimulate your muscles and release tension with deep, focused massage combined with oil massage that soothes and relaxes your body and mind.  Relax, energize, and awaken.

  5. De-Stress Aromatherapy | 50 min

    Bask in world-class pampering. Add natural benefits of essential oils to soothe your mind, body and spirit. Beautifully combined of rosemary, lavender, ginger and black pepper, this boosting blood flow and warming the muscles treatment is the unparalleled healthy pleasure. Just breathe.
  6. Warm Stone | 50 min

    Perfect harmony of heat and massage. The weight and radiant warmth of the stones, combined with calming essential oils, penetrates muscle tissue, and inducing deeper relaxation. Allow your mind to drift and your spirit to soar. Get stoned legally.
  7. Prenatal | 50 min

    Pregnancy brings countless changes to your body, such as edema and lower back pain. This massage will relieve aches and pain and help to reduce swelling, helping to ease the discomforts of pregnancy.  Must be past your first trimester.

  8. Reflexology | 50 min

    Pressure point work on hands and feet promoting energy flow and restore balance to the body. By bringing balance back to the body you will be left with a wonderful sense of well being. Sole rejuvenation.