Our Aromatic Rituals invite you to regain essential energy from within with natural active ingredients bursting with vitality. Inspired by a rare combination of the energy of essential oils and the concentrate of natural active ingredients in our treatments and masks, our rituals provide effectiveness that heightens an exquisite sensation of well-being.


    Let your mind wander, know how to take your time, recover your serenity, feel good about yourself, feel beautiful, and look beaufiul...

  2. Aroma Essential | 60 min

    An exceptional treatment using the purifying effects of naturally active flower water to relax and quench, hydrate and revitalize your skin.  Combined with essential oils properties of relaxing, purifying, and toning, this radiant treatment will restore perfect balance and essential well-being to your skin.  This will leave you with brighter, fresh and glowing skin and a relaxed state of mind. Delightfully aromatic!

  3. Hydra Facial | 60 min

    Hydration is the foundation of healthy and radiant skin.  With this moist treatment, your skin texture will be refined, skin tone visibly lightened and more even, and deeply hydrated.  The skin is left soft and soothed with an instant surge of moisture.  A deeply hydrating ample and mask leaves your skin looking fresh, plumped and supple.

  4. Waterfall | 75 min

    A deep cleansing and purifying treatment for oily and acne skin. Powerful essential oils are at the heart of this facial. With natural antibacterial properties, they penetrate deep into the skin, helping to regulate sebum production. This treatment refreshes and balances, leaving the complexion super clean and fresh.  Experience clear, beautiful skin with this clarifying treatment which targets acne breakouts while brightening and balancing the skin.  

  5. Vitamin Boost | 75 min

    An intensive treatment for sensitive, dry or environmentally stressed skin.  High-potency vitamin C creates a difference you can see and feel. Designed to heal damage caused by sun, pollution and stress, control pigmentation and dark circles around eyes, this exclusively formulated treatment repairs and restores by providing optimal nutrition directly to skin.  This facial stimulates collagen synthesis and regenerates cells by deeply penetrating the dermis to repair and protect the skin from environmental damage. You’ll see a radiant “boost” to your skin instantly.

  6. Timeless Beauty | 90 min

    This repairing and anti-aging treatment features natural ingredients rich in vitamin, minerals, and botanical extracts to prevent and smooth the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles.  Powerful plant extracts fill the wrinkles from within, increase the production of collagen and elastin and help strengthen and nourish the skin's natural barrier.  This beautiful treatment intensely hydrates, rejuvenates, lifts and firms the skin, reconfiguring the skin's surface to prevent the visible signs of aging.  Be uplifted!

  7. Power Tone & Lift Facial | 100 min

    This results-oriented facial utilizes a unique protein enzyme that stimulates cell metabolism to dramatically improve the skin's appearance.  Dramatically lifts, tightens, and firms facial skin, increasing textural clarity and tone. 

  8. Especially for him | 60 min

    This exclusive treatment for men is designed to deep clean and help alleviate irritation caused from shaving, sunburn and stress. Treatment includes exfoliation, deep cleansing, moisturizing and finish with a soothing mask to balance and hydrate. You will look and feel like a new man!
  9. Revitalizing Eyes | 50 min

    Refresh and brighten your eyes with this revitalizing eyes concentrated treatment. This treatment uses specialized massage techniques to improve micro-circulation and drainage, helping reduce puffiness and dark circles. Natural plant extracts and oils and collagen eye mask work to leave the eyes fresh, bright and youthful. A gentle shoulder, neck and scalp massage further rejuvenates and refreshes.

  10. Express | 40 min

    When time is of the essence, this does it all: exfoliation, cleansing, hydrating mask and moisturizer. This will revitalize your skin and give it an instant glow. Short but very sweet!

    Facial Enhancements

  12. Lymph Drainage Back Massage | 20 min

    Start with back massage to help increase lymph flow.  With an increase of lymph flow, immune function and energy level is increased.  Experience the mental and emotional wellbeing from soothing back massage supporting a healthy circulation to nurture the body and mind.

  13. Reflexology | 20 min

    Pressure point work on hands and feet promoting energy flow and restore balance to the body. By bringing balance back to the body you will be left with a wonderful sense of well being.
  14. Glycolic Peel

    Deep exfoliation combining alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) to remove dead skin cells, even skin tone, and stimulate cell renewal without irritation.

  15. Vitamin / Collagen Mask

    Firm and tone mature, dull or sensitive skin with Collagen or Vitamin mask designed to tighten, nourish and purify skin.  Smooth fine lines and wrinkles, encourage natural collagen production and provide nutrition that your skin deserves for more radiant complexion.

  16. Microdermabrasion | 90 min        

    Microdermabrasion offers a non-invasive and full scope exfoliation treatment. This gentle yet highly effective treatment uses micronized crystals to reduce fine lines, improve scarring, diminish hyper-pigmentation, and smooth rough skin. This beautiful treatment includes fresh water mud mask and soothing vitamin mask. The results are immediately visible after the first treatment with a smooth and softer skin and a refreshed complexion. Revive your skin texture and add a lasting glow to your appearance. Be Beautiful!


    * series of four or six treatments are strongly recommended for best result.

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  18. 4 treatments

  19. 6 treatments