1. Dew Scrub | 50 min

    It will be "the Scrub" of your life.  A refreshing authentic Korean style scrub that slough away dry and flaky skin and leave your entire body glowing and invigorated.  Impurities and toxins are gently removed, and the skin emerges smooth to the touch and visibly brightened.  The treatment finishes with hair shampoo and conditioning.

    Total indulgence!

  2. Rose Indulgence | 60 min

    Precious essential oil of damask rose uplifts your spirits and promotes radiant skin. A gentle olive grain exfoliation prepares your skin for nourishing layers of hydrating and regenerating rose gel, evening primrose oil and shea butter.  Ayurvedic scalp massage with frankincense and rose butter cream body massag will improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  A fresh awakening!

  3. Balinese Polish | 90 min

    Inspired by authentic Balinese spa ritual, this treatment both detoxifies and exfoliates as it gives the body a java infused wake-up call. Inhale fresh tuberose, seductive ylang ylang and rich vanilla. The sensual fragrance of exotic flowers, an intensive salt and coffee body exfoliation, applications of rich vitamin E oil to cuticles and heels, and a freshwater mud mask will bring you the true joy of being a royal queen of the day. Highly addictive!